Vantage to Epicor 10 Schema Differences


(Kamran Javid) #1

I wonder if anyone can tell me - pop quiz style, what GLChart and GLDept tables in the old Vantage 8 Schema have been replaced with, or evolved into in Epicor 10 . Although I suspect, there wont be one single easy answer… :blush:

(Mark Wagner) #2

The GL Accounts that sat on the list view in Product Group, Part, Part Class, Company Config, Supplier, Bank etc have all been replaced by GL Control Codes starting in Epicor 9 and carried through to Epicor 10

(Josh Owings) #3


Did well! I personally like the GL structure in 9 and 10 better than the old version.

(Kamran Javid) #4

Ahh - its gonna be a beaut… i can see it going to be a challenge, this one. the solution having to be a view as somelogic needs to be applied before before the reporting component. i will have to put down the juggling balls and apply myself! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Kamran Javid) #5

And there you have it - free text. The joy of GL controls.