Utility to update records to uppercase

(Calvin Krusen) #1

A utility that would let you select a case-insensitive table field and report back any instances of mixed case.

And give you the option to convert all instances of the field and related fields to all uppercase.

For example, search on BinNum. If any bin num records have lower or mixed case, convert them to uppercase. This would include references to BinNum like in PartTran, RcvDetail, etc…

(Jason Woods) #2

I know it’s a pain to setup the first time, but I would recommend a BPM that does this for you. A Data Directive in the many places for BinNum could be installed once. (This reminds me that I should probably make this for myself :smile:)

(Mason Zeimet) #3

Edit: Don’t run any queries to directly change the existing bin numbers.

That’s what I just did, created two data directives. One for PartBin.BinNum and one for WhseBin.BinNum. Also ran two small queries to uppercase the existing bin numbers.

Now the BinNum fields can be case insensitive while saving as uppercase.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

You can change existing ones via a uBAQ? Even if they’ve had transactions?

So changing bin e01 to E01 is considered a change in the DB? And do prior references in other tables (like PartTran.BinNum having e01) not causes issues with “new” values (like E01)?

(Mason Zeimet) #5

You’re right, there’s potential issue to be had with changing these columns directly. Good thing we have a test server.

(Bruce Ordway) #6

Or if it is possible for Epicor to fix the standard reports that currently break when they try to process the text values that were stored in multiple cases?

[quote=“Jason_Woods, post:2, topic:50897”]
A Data Directive in the many places for BinNum
[/quote] I just needed this too. Discovered that manual entries for Bins in the “wrong” case were breaking an inventory report.