Using C# "Add Interval" Function in BPM

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #1

Hello all,

I am hoping someone can assist me with my BPM to accomplish the following:

Based on a condition (VendorID #), I need to set the due date field on a PO. For example, for any new POs created for this particular vendor, I need to set the due date field as 7 days from today’s date. I am attempting to accomplish this with a pre-processing BPM on PO.Update. Is this the best route or even feasable? If it is, can anyone guide me on how I would use the BPM “AddInterval” function properly??

Thanks so much,


(Jose C Gomez) #2

Don’t use that BpmFunc use the standard C# way of adding days to a Date.


Those BPMFunc are legacy

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #3

Thank you Jose!! I always appreciate your help, immensely.