Updatable Dashboard Issue

(Chris Sellers) #1

We have a dashboard that we use to allow shop floor managers to approve their employee’s time. The only field on this dashboard that is updatable is the Approved checkbox. This works fine for everyone for a while and then for no apparent reason, one user is unable to save changes. There is no error, is just will not save the changes. We have to create a new Epicor user account in order for him to be able to check the approval box and save. So, jdoe becomes jdoe2. Then randomly, another user’s account cannot save and we have to create them another account. Epicor support wont help us because its a dashboard that we created. Has anyone else encountered this issue? We are on 10.1.600.19.

(Monty Wilson) #2

Chris, Epicor might be more willing to help if you can get the issue back to the BAQ. If you have currently a user who’s unable to save, can you make the BAQ temporarily, available to his user account directly? That way you can confirm that the issue is not with the dashboard but rather with the underlying UBAQ. When you call it in, hit the code for ICE Tools. By phrasing carefully I’ve been able in the past to report an issue with the BAQ Design view in UBAQ mode, and actually get them to help right up to, but not including, custom Update BPM code. Sometimes it depends on who you get. HTH …Monty.