UOM for Hours

(Rye) #1

We need to write purchase orders for subcontract services that are paid for as time, not number of parts. Do any of you do this? If so, how do you handle it as a subcontract PO for a part?

Example: The job traveler is for manufacturing 1 part. When we create our subcontract PO, it asks for the job number. When we enter that, it automatically makes the PO line equal to 1 EA (1 part), not the hours we need for the service being done to the part. Also, the UOM is EA, not HRS. So we can’t say 1.5 hours (our UOM for EA doesn’t allow decimals, for obvious reasons).

Any insight on how you handle it will help! TIA!!

(Rob Bucek) #2


Why aren’t your parts quoted out by your vendors in that manner to allow you to use base functionality.

(Rye) #3


This is for a tool build for a customer. We build 1 tool which requires a subcontracted service. The service is quoted and billed in hours, not quantity.

(Brandon Anderson) #4

Can the PO just be adjusted for the dollars and ignore the hours part of it? Just make the PO dollar amount match whatever he charged for that job.

(Rye) #5

We are probably going to have to do it that way. It’s just ugly though. I was hoping there was another way to do this. I tried creating a unit of measure but then I would have to create a conversion and that gets ugly too.

(Ernie Lowell) #6

I was going to suggest UOM, but if it isn’t a constant conversion it will indeed get ugly.