UOM Deletion & Part UOM Modification

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Here is the scoop on Part UOM Modification in 9.05.702A:

It is possible to delete certain UOM Classes and conversion items beneath
them provided that they have not been used. What UOM Class were you trying
to delete? Had the UOM conversion been used on any parts?

At the part number, it is possible to change the UOM Class and Inventory UOM
(primary) from what was originally chosen by setting up the UOM Class of
"OTHER". You will need to set up the UOM type that you want to convert to
as the primary UOM under that UOM Class. They you will need to add the
incorrect UOM and tell the system what the conversion is. You can then use
Part UOM Conversion Maintenance (System Maintenance > Utilities > Part UOM
Conversion Maintenance) to change the part from the wrong UOM Class and
Primary to the OTHER class and the correct primary UOM.

Word of warning: You cannot have any open transactions on the part when
trying to convert the UOM (such as an On Hand balance in inventory) and you
shouldn't open any previous orders or jobs, etc for the part after
converting the UOM as that may cause problems. So I would use this on a
part that does not have many transactions against it. The part I used it on
only had an original cost adjustment. It had not been used for anything

I'm not sure what the "Part Specific" check box does.

Good Luck!

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(system) #2
Is it possible in E9 to delete a UOM Class and a UOM within a Class?  It appears that once created that the UOM Class and conversion items are both indelible.

At the Part Number, is it possible to change the UOM Class and primary UOM to be different from that originally chosen?

Can someone define the "Part Specific" checkbox effect at the UOM conversion master record?