Unreceive a Transfer Order


(Calvin Krusen) #1

Any way to unrecive a TO Receipt?

I can view the receipt in TO Receipt entry. And even select the received line and hit the delete key (FWIW - The Delete icon on the tool bar does nothing). When I hit the DEL key I get a very abnormal looking pop-up:
This doesn’t look like the typical Delete Warning (notice the first line is clipped, and not “Do not show again…” checkbox)

If I hit YES, the box closes and the line disappears from the Received Lines. Lines Pending also shows blank, and the tree still shows Line 1

Refreshing the form amkes the line reappear under the Received Lines tab.

(Nancy Hoyt) #2

Hi Calvin,

I think it’s dumb luck I haven’t seen this one yet. I cannot delete a received line in the transfer order receipt either. E10.1.600.20
I’m getting same message using delete key on the row. It looks like it works but then I search and find receipt still exists.
Tell your users they’re not allowed to make any mistakes? :grinning:


(Calvin Krusen) #3

Intra-office Memo:

Effective immediately, E10 user are to stop making mistakes.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

The Management

(Calvin Krusen) #4

To be honest… It was me that made the mistake. Luckily it was in the test company.

I was walking through a procedure that required making an item in Site A and the TOing it to B for shipment. With me running the WIP/Recon report and viewing Part Tran History at various steps.

The cost of the Mfg’d part was zero when it was received in to site A’s inventory. I noticed this AFTER the TO Recipt happened at site B.

I was hoping to

  1. un-Receive it at B
  2. Un-TO ship it from A
  3. Un-Receive to stock in A
  4. Fix cost

The do the Rcpt to stk, TO shipment, and TO receipt.