Unbalanced AR invoice

(Mach Zreik) #1

Canadian company billing a US customer.

The AR invoice is $114,356.52 USD with an exchange rate of 1.3168, so converts to $150,584.665536 > $150,584.67

When I print the edit list (with only this one invoice) however, it says:
Invoice total: $150,584.66
Total: $150,584.67

Number of Invoices: 1
Amount Receivable: $150,584.67

And it shows an unbalanced entry off by $0.01. (Debit $150,584.66 & Credit $150,584.67)

I checked the GL Control for Currency and all the GL contexts are filled out.
I also checked the GL Control for AR Account and the Rounding Difference GL context is filled out
I checked the customer and they’re not checked for ‘Inter-Company’ is not selected

Where else should I check?

(Mach Zreik) #2

Got the answer from Support:

Go to Financial Management > General Ledger > Setup > Book
Go to Posting Tab
Enter a Tolerance amount
Enter a Tolerance account
Click Save