Unable to connect to Admin Server. Ensure Admin Server is running. (8336)


(Just some cat on a guitar) #1

Out of the blue I started getting this error when trying to connect to my production server from progress explorer tool on my 32bit server.

The PET works for connecting to some local OE db’s like Open4 and Insite Manifest but suddenly won’t connect to my Epicor 9 (2008 R2 x64).

I have rebooted both servers but get the same results.

Anybody have an idea why this is happening ?


(Haso Keric) #2

It might have not cleared the .lock file so the Admin Tools Service didn’t start.

Try deleting the .lock file and then reboot.

To get more details about what the issue is, find your oe102_wrk folder and look at the admserv.log file

// Your oe102a_wrk might be located somewhere else

Assuming its your .lock file - you should see an error like:

Adminserver lock file exists and process still running. Lock: C:\epicor\OEManage\config\admsvr.lock  PID: 2208 (11363)
Shutting down adminserver, lock file found. (11356)

Just go to C:\epicor\OEManage\config and delete the .lock file, and restart. If that is not it, then continue investigating the admserv.log for other issues.

(Just some cat on a guitar) #3

@hasokeric thanks for that tip.
I tried that and there was no lock file or errors in the log.
Any other suggestions ?