UK "Making Tax Digital" requirements


(Daryl Hewison) #1

This year it’s going to be a legal requirement for us to file our VAT returns digitally direct from our systems.
Last year at some point I had an email from Epicor saying don’t worry, we have this in hand and as long as you’re on a current version it’ll be OK.
I’ve heard nothing more, and my Finance department is now making worried noises. We don’t have an account manager at the moment so I don’t have any easy contact. Do any other Epicor users in the UK know more?

(Andy Wilson) #2

I believe it will be available for Epicor versions 10.1.3 and upwards, I will check for you.

We have considered creating a plug in for older versions, but not sure of the demand

(Mark Lawrence) #3

I heard from our account manager that it will be made available around March this year which gives little time for testing if it works or not or what additional configuration is needed to populate the data export correctly, a colleague was at the EUG conference in November where this was discussed and we were given a link to this tool to use in the meantime until we are confident that Epicor exports the data correctly, hope it helps.

I also have had this from my account manager

“For customers on active support the appropriate functionality will be made available. This is for customers who have the UK CSF and are on versions 10.1.400 and upwards.”

(Andy Wilson) #4

it will be available for 10.1.400 and above, here is the Epicor presentation on MTD

_Epicor - ERP Making Tax Digital.pdf (1.1 MB)

(Daryl Hewison) #5

Thanks, that’s a good start.

(David Foster) #6

I am in the process of taking our UK division up to 10.2 from 9.05. We are re-implementing, but we did not license UK CSF on 9.05. I have it licensed on our 10.2 Pilot, which are building out, but not enabled. We are pushing this for the UK tax deadline starting April 1st. Do I need to enable the UK CSF in order to get the Epicor functionality, then? I am reading through the UK CSF manual to determine what it would give us, but I don’t want to mess up any of the setup our finance team has done, if enabling the license would do so. Sorry for being vague, but just learned about CSF and trying to get up to speed before the deadline. Thank you for your insights,


(Daryl Hewison) #7

We haven’t tried yet so I’m not in a position to answer, but we hope to run through it soon.

Have you seen the implementation guide?

technical implementation guide with screenshots

(David Foster) #8

I have not seen this version, thank you. I will get this read over.

(Mark Damen) #9

I’m also in the UK. Confirm that the UK CSF is required, and does need to be activated. Prior to MTD, the CSF pack was primarily used for Intrastat reporting and something to do with CIS (Construction Industry Scheme I believe). Not experienced any ill effects from activating it.

As well as activating it on your license in Epicor Admin Console, you need to go into each company (in EAC) and select the Country.

For MTD, the primary thing to get the functionality working is tax box setup. We jumped on this last year as soon as MTD was announced, and every month since have been running the report and making small changes to the setup to ensure that the tax box report is correct.

There is a finance day coming up soon in the UK, would be beneficial to send somebody from your finance team along.