Transferring part data between parent and child company


(Wendy Hsu) #1

Hello all,

We have two companies in our EPICOR and we have it set up so when we create a part in parent company, we can link it to child company.
Any data that gets update in parent company also transfer correctly to child company.

However, I want to confirm data can also flow from Child company to Parent company.

For example, I updated Unit Net Weight in child company. I did that by unchecked global lock first, so it will allow me to update the unit net weight. Save.
Run Multi-company direct server process in Child company first, then Parent company. Confirmed both are complete.
Yet, the new Unit net weight in Child Company did not transfer to Parent company.

What setting should I implement in EPICOR, so it will allow me to edit part in child company and have the new information transfer to parent company?

Please let me know if I need to provide any additional information.

Thank you everyone in advance.

(Ernie Lowell) #2


In the Multi-Company environment, the parent company is the “owner” of the record and is the main store of data. Updates will only flow from the parent to the child, they do not flow in reverse.

To have it work both ways, you’d need to customize the software… and depending on how many fields you want to keep an eye on, that could be a huge undertaking.