Tips on learning Epicor WCF

(system) #1
I am new to using WCF and Epicor's WCF offering, and I tend to avoid .NET language stuff. I was able to install Epicor WCF and follow their ~13 page document for using WCF.

I was then able to create a part, but I am feeling my way through the dark here. I am stumped now that I am trying to add a child record into that part for PartPlant.

What am I missing to get a better understanding of what a PartService.PartDataSetType and how that differs from a PartService.PartDataSetTypePartPlant? Nothing seems to match with the BO guide I found from Epicor's site. Is there another document that could help?

I know people have answered other questions with "there are examples on this forum", but I cannot find any. Does anyone have some examples they could share with me?

Jason Dearth