Time Phase Record not showing Due date


(Andrew Koemm) #1

I cannot seem to figure out why this highlighted record does not show a due date. The job has its dates filled out. It was due in February. Any ideas? Thanks!

(Joseph Moeller) #2

Hello, Andrew! Have you checked Job 219375 to see if there’s a ReqDueDate on file?

If not, I’ve seen this bug before. What version are you on?

(Andrew Koemm) #3

Yes there is. I am on the latest version. SaaS Environment.

(Joseph Moeller) #4

Try adjusting the ReqDueDate to 2/2/2019 then set it back. I think this should fix it as a workaround. Let me see if I can find my notes on a “good” way to fix it.

(Andrew Koemm) #5

I tried that and it had no effect.

(Steve Erboe) #6

Go into scheduling board and find the operation that the material is linked to. Move the schedule date to another day accept the change. Then go back and move it to the correct date and time accept changes again.


(Andrew Koemm) #7

This is the material in the job. Its a sub-assembly. Should there be operations in the sub assemblies?

(K White) #8

Are your jobs make direct from SO?

(Nancy Hoyt) #9

If the material was added after the job was scheduled, you might not get a due date on the material (v E10.1.600.20).


(Rye) #10

Have you tried removing the job from the schedule and rescheduling it? If you added it after the job was scheduled, that could be your problem. You have a date for the top level but not the material. Also, if the material is manufactured as a subassembly, yes, it should have an operation.

(Steve Erboe) #11

I cannot say what happens if you do not have an operation on the sub assembly. We run with ops on all manufactured parts. (Stock, non-stock or job to job). I can say that we are on E10.1.600.28 and as long as you move the op on the assembly with the material out on day, accept the job change then go back in and move it back to the original time date the material will get a date applied.


(Haso Keric) #12

the due date for the job material is not the same as the due date for the job at the job header. the material due date comes from the job material related operation date. If the job material has no related operation then it can come in null.

Might also be worth checking the calendar on the last operations resource/resource group to make sure that there are no exceptions and also that the working hours are correct.