Time and Expense

(William) #1

In Job tracker a job shows it has been clocked out of and a scrap and a labor qty has been recorded. However, In Time and Expense, It doesn’t show up. I can see the Job but it shows a zero for the labor/scrap qty and the labor notes attached is wrong. Yet in no other place or time is this job recorded in Time and Expense. This was on the 31st of May since that may be an issue as well. Ideas on what I am missing or need to look for?

(Chris Conn) #2

Weird. If it were me, I’d write a simple BAQ on the LaborDtl table and place some filters to try to track that puppy down

(William) #3

I wrote one and found it in the labordtl and header. Then I got thinking and selected the list view in Time and Expense and found it. However, we cannot change anything as payroll has run on it. Speaking of which, can payroll be changed to when it runs? We do our payroll outside of Epicor and only use Epicor for costing and Job creation. Having it run when we want it to makes sense.

(William) #4

@Chris_Conn Actually, we don’t do anything in Epicor for payroll. Taht date is when we do our inventory once per month. But I can’t figure out why payroll date is 5/31/2018 but the job wasn’t logged into until 6/4/2018 and it got caught up in last month. This I do not get.

(Chris Conn) #5

Well, it could easily be operator error. Before I went to work for Jose, I worked in a mfg plant where the users were not necessarily tech saavy. Often times, someone would click a different date in T&E on the calendar…then they were reporting on that date. We ended up hiding that calendar from them to save them from themselves.

(William) #6

Didn’t even think about that! Good Point! I’ll have to check on that. Thanks!

(Chris Conn) #7

If you want a more saavy solution (i.e you want them to be able to use the calendar to VIEW), you could write a BPM that disallows creating labor dtls outside of the current date unless they are a member of a certain group

(Robert Brown ) #8

Are you sure these transactions weren’t done (or initiated) using either a (Labor) Nonconformance entry or direct Job Adjustment? (Neither with have an associated LaborHed record and thus won’t be viewable/editable in Time and Expense Entry.)

(Chris Conn) #9

A Labor Detail cant exist without a Labor Head though. ?

(Tim Shoemaker) #10

was this done with MES… if so, did the employee clock out for that day?
has labor been approved?
has wip been captured?

(William) #11

Yes, yes, and yes. That is why everything is not changeable. What I am trying to figure out is why did the Payroll date say 5/31/2018 but a clock in date of 06/04/2018.

(Tim Shoemaker) #12

Ahhh… When you use MES, the date you first clock in is the Payroll date… but if you never clock out, and continue to charge to jobs, I believe that the charges will show with different transaction dates, BUT the payroll date is still the date that you clocked in.

(William) #13

AHH, gotcha! So they could of clocked into the job and not did anything but clock out in the previous payroll date. And when they picked it up in the next payroll date to finish it, it would show the new date but would still be the old payroll date, correct?

(Tim Shoemaker) #14

sort of…

  1. log into MES (day 1)… since you are not clocked in yet… it will clock you in.
  2. Start production on job
  3. “LOG OUT” of mes (different from clocking in/out)
  4. log into mes
  5. stop production on job
  6. log out of mes (NOT CLOCK OUT)… this is the mistake!
  7. go home
  8. return to work (DAY 2)
  9. clock in (well… you are already clocked in, because you never clocked out at step 6. You are still clocked into payroll day 1.
    10 start production on job… the start date is day 2, but payroll date is still day 1.
    11 end production
    12 CLOCK OUT. - now the transactions can be posted, and the dates will seem funny.

(William) #15

I see. So this could go on for quite a few jobs and over a few days, in theory. Makes sense. Thanks!

(William) #16

Is there a way to see who is still clocked into the MES and for how long? I am curious on this one, and not sure what fields to look for in what tables.

(Brandon Anderson) #17

look for the shop tracker dashboard. There is a tab for “who’s here” that will show you everyone clocked in.

On the BAQ tables, you will be looking in LabotHed for rows with Active checked. Those are the ones that are currently clocked in.

(William) #18

Is there a quick way to log them out? I am assuming at updateable BAQ where you uncheck active?

(Brandon Anderson) #19

Clocking them out writes the rest of the info on the line that you need (clock out time, etc) it’s best to just do it in MES. How many do you have that you have to clock out?

(William) #20

a bunch! Some of which do not evenwork here anymore. I never knew about this part, so I am learning now! LOL!