Task Agent - Log file


(Chia Chang) #21

The log file doesn’t show much except for an ‘appserver connection failure’. Trying to find what could be causing the connection failure. We do have the sql server an task agent servers on separate instances and do a 30 minute continuous sync update of the Epicor905 db files.

(Haso Keric) #22

Atleast you have some timestamps, now you can start monitoring time’s X Event occurs and start putting the puzzles together to turn the assumptions into better facts… Then continue research probably on the https://www.progresstalk.com/ forums. Try asking there, those guys live and eat progress daily.

(Chia Chang) #23

The difficult thing is that it happens randomly to try to pinpoint it.

(Haso Keric) #24

Go to your Progress Admin Console and Enable Verbose Logging for everything for a while.

You know that URL where you can start/stop AppServer, TaskAgent, ProcessServer… You can configure logging levels set all of it to “Verbose” perhaps it reveals more in the logs.

(Chia Chang) #25

Short of enabling verbose logging, what are some things we can look into that might be causing this?