Tabbing from CustID field

(Simon Hall) #1

At my old job from time to time I used to have people go crazy because someone copied and pasted a name or altered the Customer Name in Customer entry. I’ve always wondered how this could occur.

This morning while doing some testing. I’ve just noticed that when you tab from the customer ID field the Name field is FULLY selected, so an easy bump of a different key will replace the value of the field. So doing this hand having your save changed dialog suppressed, is a bit of a recipe.

Really not sure if this is by design or not, but I thought I might highlight it.

(Lacey Graham) #2

An option could be to change your personal “tab sequence” by going into Tools>Personalization. You could make it so that when you tab out of Cust ID, the cursor goes somewhere else other than Customer Name.

Or change it using Customization if this is a nuisance for everyone in your organization.

I haven’t noticed this being an issue for us, but if it does in the future, this is what I would do!

(Simon Hall) #3

Thanks for the suggestion.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

Pretty sure that selecting the existing contents of a text box (or similar control) upon gaining focus, is pretty common GUI standard.

A customization solution would be to set the cursor position to the end, and select length to zero, in a gotFocus() or OnFocus() call for the control.