System Agent Packaged Solution


(Jeff Gehling) #1


We have a lot of scheduled jobs for our system agent. We are upgrading to 10.2 and I’d like to be able to add this item into our uplift solution toolchain.

Has anyone been able to package up the agent and schedules utilizing the sysagent adapter?

(Jose C Gomez) #2

From what version to what version? If is a 10.X to 10.Y they’ll upgrade. If its from 9 or 8 then you can’t. The jobs , processes and everything else will likely change too much for that to ever work.
I say note them and re-create them.

(Jeff Gehling) #3

we are going from 10.1.400.16 to 10.2.300.7 utilizing Epicor upgrade services. So our final db will need to have all of our custom solutions installed as it is being delivered vanilla.

(Jose C Gomez) #4

You are using the cloud upgrade tool to jump 1 SP? That seems over-kill :frowning: regardless they give you back the DB upgraded (in place) with your jobs still in it, you do not have to use the “vanilla” version.

(Jeff Gehling) #5

Our account team and PM told us that this is the way they do it. :frowning: I thought it was overkill too, as I come from upgrading on-prem E10 versions fairly quickly. Upgrade services and EMS also told us we will only get a vanilla live DB delivered. We are EMS dedicated single tenant hosted.

(Jose C Gomez) #6

We are ST EMS too and they are doing an in place upgrade… no vanilla… do they expect you to re-load all your customizations and such? That seems absurd.

(Jeff Gehling) #7

They do, I can even send you the pretty power-point they sent us detailing this ;). Luckily, I used the awesome system customization tracker dashboard (found somewhere on here) and was able to package up all of our custom stuff. BAQs, BPMs, Programs, RDDs, Report Styles, Quick searches, custom menu items.

(Jose C Gomez) #8

I’m so confused… is it free? Cause we are doing an upgrade right now and I’m telling you they are upgrading in place… Though we did have to pay for the “upgrade”
Maybe if you go the “free” route (assuming there is one) IDK that’s very odd.

(Jeff Gehling) #9

No its not free at all lol. Now I’m just as confused!


(Jose C Gomez) #10

Our upgrade is happening today (as we speak) and I know for a fact is an In Place upgrade we get the same DB we had… just in a new version. They don’t check the customization or anything like that for “breaking changes” that’s our job… but it is an in palce upgrade.
In ST you have your own server so there’s no reason to do anything different… I would push back if I were you and try and get some clarification… That doesn’t make any sense.

(Jeff Gehling) #11

We tried. We even had to push to get access to log onto the application servers etc to install data fixes and such. My entire team felt like alot of this was extra un-neccassary work (especially me). Oh well, our upgrade is next weekend and then after that we can try take have more control over the process.

(Mark Wonsil) #12

Agreed. Epicor did our ST -> DT (10.0 to 10.2) and it was in place as well.

(Jose C Gomez) #13

Try harder LoL seriously that’s absurd (reach above the head of whomever is doing this for you)

(Jeff Gehling) #14

Additionally, as part of our upgrade they dictated that we get brand new servers and such. So in addition to all of this we needed to re-configure our entire ERP infrastructure (firewall rules, remote access, programs installed on the terminal servers provided). Ughhhhh.

(Jose C Gomez) #15

Ding Ding Ding Ding!
That’s the ticket there, they are moving your servers (probably to azure) still stupid to require vanilla though. Again I’d fight for that you are the customer damn it!

(Jose C Gomez) #16

I mean if its truly Vanilla your menus and everything will be re-set… Setting up all your custom menus? Pointing to the right customization etc? #Insane

(Jeff Gehling) #17

I packaged up the solutions in a way that its just a one click install and every custom menu is installed along with the appropriate customization. I just ran through all of the solution installs in Pilot last night and things so far look good.

Oh, and they didn’t move us to Azure :frowning:

(Jose C Gomez) #18

Menus worked? For the longest time you could’nt use solution manager for menus (system menus) it wouldn’t let you update them… That’s a relief.

(Jeff Gehling) #19

YES! The menus now install correctly using solutions. It’s been an annoying problem.