SSRS Report Print Vs Preview


(Adam Johnson) #1

We seem to be getting mixed results between just hitting the print button and doing a print preview in a PDF. I understand there are a few elements at play here with Adobe. Generally on the preview things look fine and we can use the Adobe options to “fit” to page or use the original size settings.

However, our issues seem to be mostly when just hitting the print button (I turned off server side printing) the pages seem to run over 8.5x11. The print screen shows a page size of 8.5x11 and all settings seem to be right in the Epicor print window.

Could there be something with the Epicor print engine causing format issues? Does anyone know of driver issues? Finally, does anyone know if there is a recommendation to use a PS driver or PCL? We are currently using PCL6. Does the Epicor print engine still use Adobe to render the print before sending it to the printer even though we do not preview it?

(Bruce Ordway) #2

I don’t know the answers to you specific questions
I have also seen issues when users click print instead of preview.

Until now I thought the main difference between them was that preview used generic settings and that print would apply more Windows specific printer settings?

I’ve had luck in some cases with users specifying their default printer/settings in Windows to match the Epicor report(s).

(Peichun Su) #3

We’ve also been experiencing the same problem. I was told it’s a known issue with ERP 10. Everything prints out perfectly in print preview. All kinds of crazy layouts, off margins, skipped lines…show on the reports if we use the print icon instead. Rather than digging deeper on how to fix it, we just simply preview first and then print.