SSRS Report Language

(Jeff Gehling) #1

Happy Friday!

Is there a way in Epicor to dynamically change SSRS report language (like a sales order ack)? Is a new RDD/report style needed for every language?

(Paul Osborne) #2

Hi Jeff,
There may be other ways, but we had to purchase country specific functionality (CSF) for this. Once the language pack was installed we could then change the language of the individual customers.
The reports then print with the new language. I hope that helps.

(Mark Wonsil) #3

Paul is correct. It sure would be nice to have the ability to choose a language at print time so you can print one for the customer/supplier in their language and then one in the local language. It would be quite easy since the language code is passed into the print job. Epicor would just have to add it to the Print Form but default to the customer/supplier setting.

Mark W.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

Just spit-balling …

Maybe you can update the RDD to include the customers language (add a custom field for it, if its only available with “CSF”).

Then you could have a single (but very complicated) style. All the labels would become expressions like:

=iif(lang_c == "ES", "Número de factura",
   iif(lang_c == "FR", "Numéro de facture",
   iif(lang_c == "IT", "Numero di fattura",
   iif(lang_c == "CAN", "Invoice Num, eh", 
    "Invoice Number")))

number and date fields would need to be expressions for regional/language formats
(1,234.56 vs 1.234,56, Nov 24, 200 vs 24-Nov-2000, etc …)

(Frans Mäki) #5

We have reports which dynamically change language in the way Calvin mentioned. It can be a bit of a pain to setup, but it’s not really hard.