SSRS Join Table within DataSet

(Chai Chang) #1

I am modifying the MethodsMaster SSRS report. I need to link it to the PartXRefInt table for internal part cross reference

So I download a copy of the SSRS, and went to edit the dataset. The highlighted yellow is what I added.

However, when I add the field XRefPartNum to the SSRS report and run it, I get the following error. Is there something I am missing?

(Mike Watkinson) #2

Did you update the RDD as well?

(Chai Chang) #3

I did not. So I also need to add the table in RDD and do the join?

(Alejandro Cortes) #4

Yes, you need to. If the table is not included in the RDD you need to add it and then create a Relationship between the tables.


(Chai Chang) #5

Thank you. I will do that and update if I run into issues.

Also another question related to this same issue. So the Methods Master, the parent part I want to link to the internal part cross reference (PartXRefInt).

The Methods Master also have a sub report that pulls the materials for the MOMs. I would also like to link to the internal part cross reference (PartXRefInt).

Issue is when I tried to create a relationship in the same RDD for 2 parent table to 1 child table, Epicor does not let me. Is there a way around this? Both the main report and sub report seems to be using the same RDD (MethodsMaster).