SSRS Invalid Column Name - not on the report query


(Valentina Busti) #1

I have an SSRS report for Packing Slip that works fine in the Live environment but in Pilot I receive the error message saying Invalid Column Name. The main issue is that that column does not exist within the report itself.
Copying the report from the working environment did not work, restoring Pilot as Live did not work. It seems like there is no trace of this column in the report or in the subreports or in the system.
The column is for a UD Field name: ComInvWording_c
We have recycled the IIS pool, regenerated data and IIS, but it is still giving the same error.

(Aaron Moreng) #2

Does the Pilot RDD match the Live RDD?

(Chris Conn) #3

I was wondering the same thing, but if they truly did restore from Live, i assumed it would be.

(Aaron Moreng) #4

Other thing to check would be the report query to make sure it includes the field

(Chris Conn) #5

Ahhh on the report server itself. I think you may have a winner.

(Aaron Moreng) #6

Ask me how I know (caused a problem that took like 4 days to fix due to this, no invoices could go out and the fire was really lit under my a$$) :slight_smile:

(Chris Conn) #7

My only concern is it seems like they started there. Assuming there were referencing the report server, not E10

(Valentina Busti) #8

I believe they match. We have looked through both RDDs and they do not include that field.
There is no sign of that column name in either system nor on the report.

(Valentina Busti) #9

The field was referenced in a customised function on the report server. It was different from Pilot to Live.
Thank you for your time guys :smiley: