Site switch to turn off AMM request move by transaction type

(Brad Boes) #1

Would like a central place on the site configuration AMM tab to default the Request Move checkboxes either on or off for each of the material movement types.

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Agree+++++ The all or nothing approach to MRQ is suuuper annoying

(Joshua Giese) #3

In the mean time to back fill this issue, I built a data directive that will delete the queue items by tran type

Data Directive: MtlQueue->Standard | Remove Select MtlQueue Trans

foreach(var row in ttMtlQueue.Where(x => x.Added() && (x.TranType == "PUR-STK" || x.TranType == "PUR-SUB")))
  using (var txscope = IceDataContext.CreateDefaultTransactionScope())
    var dbrow = Db.MtlQueue.With(LockHint.UpdLock).Where(x => x.MtlQueueSeq == row.MtlQueueSeq).FirstOrDefault();  

Note: Buyer beware, I should have used BOs to delete the records, I didn’t care for the extra overhead on table that’s fairly benign and frankly I was being lazy. BO delete would have been the “right way” vs the way I did it. Conscience decision made to direct delete.