Single Month Calendar Control Crashes Epicor


(Joshua Giese) #1

Has anyone had any luck using the calendar controls from the customization toolbox. Everytime I move it into the customization pane it crashes Epicor. It appears it’s a WPF control and without the ability to add system DLLs to include the presentation libraries I can’t think of a way to do that. Maybe a way to use reflection to add a system reference?

(Dan Edwards) #2

This might sound weird but it works on a Windows 7 PC for me but not Windows 10. There is an SCR related to this control having issues on Windows 10 but not sure it matches for sure.

(Monty Wilson) #3

If it’s the same root cause as the production calendar issue, you might try running the application as administrator in compatibility mode for Windows 7.

(Joshua Giese) #4

Comp mode with run as admin on 10.1.500 and 10.2.100 yielded same result a crash and burn.