Service connect runtime availability

(anon37088009) #1

Epicor Version 10.1

Can anyone offer some insight on the availability of a SC runtime versus the full version? I have not been able to find any information about this. Is it possible to use just a runtime versus the full version of SC? If so does the runtime need to be purchased from Epicor?

Thank you for any help.

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Runtime is generally included in your main Epicor purchase (haven’t seen anyone not have it ) runtime allows you to run workflows but you can’t build your own. You’d have to find someone with a full version to build them and then install them in your system for you to run.
If you buy the full version then you can write your own workflows.

(anon37088009) #3

Is the runtime included with the base epicor install files? If not where is the runtime install file located?

(Jose C Gomez) #4

I can’t remember where the install is, you may have to download it from EpicWeb?

(anon37088009) #5

Yea looking on Epicweb, I only see the main install files not the runtime itself. I’ll keep looking.


(Jose C Gomez) #6

I think its the same installer (license vs not?) Not sure may be worth a call to your cam / support.

(MIGUEL S.) #7

when you install SC, it comes with Runtime. You need to install the whole SC install because you still need to run the admin console for logs and viewing flows.

(anon37088009) #8

So does that mean we have to go through setup steps just to use the runtime?

(Rob Bucek) #9

Correct, aside from the ability to develop work flows it’s the same install as it needs all the system access levels, functionality and configurations to execute workflows.

(anon37088009) #10

Seems odd you have to do all of that just to use the runtime, but thank you for the reply.

(MIGUEL S.) #11

There is much more other stuff then just the run time. The runtime will let you execute workflows created by someone else. But you will also be able to view logs, view the workflow and other things. At least that is what I have.