Separate the data from the programs

(Rick Stannard) #1

Separating the data from the program files would allow users to setup their Epicor environment as a shell into which the data could be imported. We have literally hundreds of reports, screen customizations and several major customizations that could be setup and reviewed ahead of an upgrade. This would make the upgrade process a lot easier for us.

(Jose C Gomez) #2

I don’t follow you… the Ice stuff is already stored separately from the erp data…

(Rick Stannard) #3

When you refresh an Epicor environment, the data and the environment (screens, programs, etc.) is refreshed as well. Any customizations you may have created in the old environment are overwritten and need to be imported and reviewed. If the environment can be stable, and all that is brought into it was data, it would make life much easier for us. Other ERP systems in the marketplace are like this.

(Jose C Gomez) #4

I see… that would be cool… Separate Ice from ERP in its own DB… I like it