Saving attachments ownership and permissions E9


(Greg Payne) #1

I was having an issue with the account running the odbc locking so I change it to use SQL logon and now Epicor is having an issue saving attached files. I am also getting an error writing a file to a file server from a bpm. I assume this is related.

What account is used to save files if Epicor is running with sql authentication?

Is the only solution to go back to Windows authentication?

Thanks for any suggestions.


(K White) #2

How do you have your attachement set up under company?? Do you have the files going to a share?

We have it set up this way and the users are all in an AD groups that has read/execute/list/write access

(Greg Payne) #3

That is how we are set also. Last week the domain account running epicor kept getting locked, so I changed the odbc connections. Now the saving fails. I gave domain users and even everyone full control of that share, but it still won’t save.

(K White) #4

Are your servers running 32 bit or 64bit? If 64 makes sure you set both ODBC connections.

I just checked my ODBC connection and we just have the SQL Server Native Client set and it it is set to this…

(Greg Payne) #5

We were set like that, before and undid it to get around the MS issue of the account locking every minute, but apparently without out that then the attachments can’t get saved. IT is on with MS now trying to find the issue and then I will reset them back to windows authentication.


(Greg Payne) #6

Thanks Kimberly. I went back to the install guide and that was how a multi sever configuration was to be set. IT made a seperate service account for epicor and it is now all running.