Sales Gross Margin report

(Joshua Straight) #1

We have some questions on the Sales Gross Margins report. What causes it to not pull labor information over to the report? For example yesterday when run there were 8 invoices listed where the labor data was 0.00 and the margin was listed as 100%. When run today only 6 invoices have this issue.

I can’t seem to find a clear answer on what we are missing that is causing this.

(Mark Wagner) #2

Normally it is because the part you are looking at is average costed and it did not have the information to pull in from the job.

Look at the job this part was built on. Do you see labor transactions in job tracker and do they show costs?

(Joshua Straight) #3

The part is average costed and there are labor transactions and they have costs associated.

(Bryan DeRuvo) #4

Have you run the Wip capture process?

(Joshua Straight) #5

Here is an example of one that changed since yesterday. I did a BAQ based on the AR Invoice table to see what it looked like over there and there is no labor unit cost data coming through for any of the ones that are showing as zeroes.

(Joshua Straight) #6

The Controller hasn’t done it for March yet. At first I thought that was the issue but as I began digging I found that most of the ones on the Sales Gross Margin Report that ARE showing correctly have March labor transactions on them. Based on that I figured that wouldn’t be it.

(Joshua Straight) #7

PartTran also does not have any detail for these records.

EpicWeb states

How is there no costing information? And how did it change for those other records between yesterday and today?

(Bryan DeRuvo) #8

Is the job complete and operations complete?

(Bruce Crile) #9

I had a similar issue with the “BurUnitCost” not pulling from the PartTran record for a STK-CUS shipment that was reported to Support. The response I received that it was fixed on 10.1.600.7 (PRB0185823); we have not experienced since. We are currently on,

(Joshua Straight) #10


Yes, the jobs are marked complete and the operations are complete as well.

(Joshua Straight) #11


The PartTran record itself isn’t showing any Labor Unit Cost so it makes sense that it’s not populating to the report. What would make PartTrain not have the cost?

(John Gillenwater) #12

Not sure if you got your answer already, but we learned from Epicor support that average costed mfg items don’t fully update their costs unless you run the Inv/Wip capture report, or two other reports. We found that running the Inv/Wip updated most everything. So even though it’s been shipped and invoiced, the costs have still not been fully written with average cost.

The other issue that will trick you is correction invoices. But on those, there is no costs whatsoever.

Hope that helps.

John Gillenwater

(Joshua Straight) #13

John, thank you for the information. Our Controller has been pretty busy this week so she is planning on running the COS/WIP Capture on Monday so I will definitely look into this when she is finished. Thank you.

(John Gillenwater) #14

Just another note, some jobs will still update, but some won’t. It’s like the report updates the ones that didn’t cost in the first place. Epicor said this was just the way the software worked. The good news is on average costing, it pulls some additional costs in that you wouldn’t expect.