RMA - How to cancel

(Chris Conn) #1

I am playing with RMA’s for some learnin’. I’ve created an RMA, received some (serial tracked) parts on it. Now i want cancel all that…Well I can’t delete the receipt or the RMA. What is the correct procedure to undo this action?

(Gil Violette) #2

Not trying to sound harsh, but the correct procedure would have been to perform these transactions in a test environment…

(Brandon Anderson) #3

Backing out a transaction is a very common real world problem, and understanding how to do it correctly is a valuable skill. End users make mistakes all of the time. And the RMA is a pain in the butt to deal with too…

(Chris Conn) #4

Who said I wasn’t in a test environment? I just want to test different scenarios. Like Brandon mentioned, knowing how to deal with these potential issues is very valuable.

(Simon Hall) #5

Keep us posted when you work it out, it’s those rare exceptions that trip you up.

(Andy Wilson) #6

Hi, I don’t think you can cancel these, you will have to dispose of it to stock nd then ship it back to the customer.

(Chris Conn) #7

Uggg… sometimes you win with the Business Object, sometimes you lose haha thanks Andy