Requisition entry is closed


(Darren) #1

A Requisition entry i was workimg on has been accidentally set to closed. Is it possible to reopen the req or will i have to create a new one and add the lines again

(Haso Keric) #2

Pinging @Mark_Wonsil and @ckrusen

(Calvin Krusen) #3

We dont use requisitions, so i cant help.

But if you do have to recreate it, try using copy and paste to recreate the lines.

(Mark Wonsil) #4

Like Calvin, we’ve found requisitions not fitting our company’s workflow, so we haven’t started using it yet either. :frowning:

(Nancy Hoyt) #5

Hi Darren,

I do not believe there is any way to reopen a closed Requisition. You could do a copy all of the lines on the closed one (via Lines / List tab) and a paste insert to new Req, as a shortcut if you have many lines.