Requiring Non DB Fields

(Aaron Willett) #1

How would I go about writing a BPM to require a non database field?
In this instance, we would like to require a billing contact for this customer.
I was gonna do the conditional query to count the number of contacts associated with the customer marked as “Primary Billing”, but it appears the primary billing field isn’t a database field.
Can it be done?

(Jose C Gomez) #2

I believe primary bill is at the customer record level


(Aaron Willett) #3

That wasn’t intuitive at all, lol.

(Jose C Gomez) #4

Yup been there before I think they store percon id if I recall correctly. There are a few flags like that.
Final Operation flag is the same way that is stored at the assembly level I think yet it’s a checkbox on the operation


(Henry Burke) #5

Similar situation. Looking to make New Customer Contact name and email required. Realized they were epibindings to Percon, so I sought and got approval to make them mandatory via Extended Properties on PerCon table - of course also realizing the consequences for other uses of Person Contact record creation for other purposes.
Made the change, saved, exited, restarted client and went to make a new Customer Contact and it let me save without both mandatory fields filled. The Required field in PerCon is bypassed in Customer Contact entry. This was surprising as I thought Customer Contact entry was completely dependent on Person Contact Entry. Why is the requirement bypassed?
I know a BPM can do the job too but the bypass of the requirement - not cascading thru from the Person Contact required fields to the new Customer Contact process is curious. What might explain this? Thanks.