Recover deleted RMA

(Andrew Ortman) #1

A user mistakenly deleted an RMA. No big deal right? I tried to re-create the RMA using the same RMA number, system wont let me. It assigned the next highest RMA number. I tried an updatable BAQ, error says numbers above 30000 (starting number when we implemented) are reserved for auto assign. I tried DMT, it assigns the next available number. is there any way (Short of restoring from backup) to get the original RMA number back in the system?
If not, I guess it is no big deal I can create a new RMA to receive the material under.

(Mark Wagner) #2

Did you try setting the starting RMA number on your company configuration higher than the RMA number that was previously deleted? You can then assign the RMA number manually by typing it in instead of using new/RMA method

(Andrew Ortman) #3

Yes I did. It will not let me manually assign a number even if it is lower than the new auto number. In E10.0 we were able to do as you suggested. If I write the lower number in the EMA entry screen, I get the notice that number not found, we you like to add new record? when I accept (press yes) the number in the box goes to 0 then when I save the record, it writes the next number (at the higher count) to the record.