Recommendation needed for Positive Pay Add on

(Monty Bell) #1

Hi there, looking for a recommendation for a Positive Pay add on

(Mark Wonsil) #2

There’s one included with the package in Electronic Interfaces. What are you looking to do?

Mark W.

(Jeff Blomstedt) #3

The Epicor PosiPay industry extension works well if you are using one of the banks they designed it for. If your bank(s) need to change the format slightly(date format for example) then it won’t work and you can’t change the settings. It’s pretty easy to create your own posipay report which exports the information in a compatible format with your bank.

(Mark Wonsil) #4

We’re 10.2 cloud users and we have had no issues changing the format. We even have a different formats for different companies. We are doing a mix of PP and ACH here in the US and modified both programs. We do SEPA payments in Europe and modified that program as well.

Mark W.

(pcunningham) #5

We wrote a dashboard for our accounting group to export the check-run data to excel and save to CSV. They then do a manual upload to the bank. We explored the Epicor interfaces but our banks’ requirements were so straightforward we found it easier to provide the dashboard solution.

(Mike Watkinson) #6

We do the same as pcunningham. If we could get our bank to take the file in a way we could automate then maybe we would change but for the 2 minutes it takes to upload we settled with a dashboard.

We added in a BPM, when the payment group is being posted, that throws a BPM form asking for confirmation that the positive pay report was provided to the bank so we don’t forget.

(Dave Olender) #7

I modified the “Check Register” report and created a report style for PosPay.

Had to add the APTran table - but the rest is straight forward.

The only hitch is Wells Fargo - which required a Fixed width format - surprisingly complicated to get that to work.