Quote entry USE CODE warning

(Doyle Hamilton) #1

During Quote entry, the default ship-to of course will default in for the respective customer. If the ship-to is then changed, a warning message of “If you change ship to, the Use Code will be updated for all lines and taxes will be re-calculated when the record is saved. Continue?”…displays. Does anyone know how this can be suppressed or turned off? E9 did not do this. I know my salespeople are going to be raising a lot of noise about it.

(Doyle Hamilton) #2

Figured this out so I thought I’d reply to my own post. Created a Base Processing Method Directive on the Quote business object, CompanyTaxConnectStatus method. Used the "Set Argument/Variable function, setting the
result (System.Boolean) value to false. Completely suppresses the prompt. We don’t include taxes in our Quotes so it’s going to work for us.

(Karen menzie) #3

Thank you - we have this issue in the order entry when changing the ‘ship to’ on releases, with 600 releases per line I’m getting told it’s pretty annoying…!

(Tim Shoemaker) #4

just be careful when creating a BASE process… the base process completely replaces the regular processing that is done by the base process. if that base process does anything else other than the Argument/variable setting, it will not be done.
I personally would rather do the setting of that argument/variable as a POST process, which allows the regular Epicor process to run, but then you change the result.

(Doyle Hamilton) #5

Fair enough…I’ll give that a try and see what happens. Thank you for the input.

(Doyle Hamilton) #6

The post process appears to work just as well as the base. We’ll go with that. Thank you again!