QUESTION about a possible replacement for the Support FTP site

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #1

I had a conversation with some people today as to what it would take for Support to move away from the current FTP site for Customer to Support and Support to Customer transfers. The tooling, infrastructure and technology aspects are solved. What do you think is the most logical approach for our customers (you) to authenticate to transfer files to cause the least amount of disruption while being the best future-proof option?

  • Authenticate using epiccare credentials (the system we use for support tickets)
  • Authenticate using epicweb credentials (how the FTP currently works)
  • Authenticate using a different provider (how the internal project formally named Cirrus now just Upgrade Services currently works)
  • Why only one option? How about many?! How about all of the things being options?!?!

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I will use this as a crowd sourced data point when I submit the formal request while making no promises that other voices won’t outvote me.

Thank you for taking the time to vote. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

(Tim Shoemaker) #2

Dont know if Epicor Employees get a vote, but I voted anyway. :thinking:

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #3

All are welcome to vote here good sir.

(Pierre Hogue) #4

Why not give access to EpicWeb contents from EpicCare support site via a button , or provide the same content information in EpicCare (thus no need to access another site…) ?
I always find anoying the need to login again ‘my old way’ in order to access documentations etc… (or if available otherwise from EpicCare, please let me know how !!! )



(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #5

Great feedback and I personally agree, but, I have no control over that aspect :slight_smile: I’ll relay that to the resources that do to see where we are in that process.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #6

The dev ticket was submitted this morning to integrate the transfer tooling with our existing epiccare system based on your feedback.

This was valuable insight and appreciate that you took the time to vote.

(John Mitchell) #7

Any chance we will be able to create a ticket from inside Epicor?

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #8

Sorta, kinda, yes, even better than that! Stay tuned ™ vNext ™ Forward looking statements ™

(with the use of telemetry we are looking into automatic case creation when XYZ occurs so you don’t have to, in addition to a lot of other things to streamline the customer to support process/experience)

(Bruce Ordway) #9

I don’t have a strong preference. authentication method (today)
But it has been a while since I had to upload anything to the FTP site.

Now I am remembering some visibility issues with FTP related to uploads of Progress db backups, which may or may not apply anymore.

  • I couldn’t see the file size details after uploading, i.e. did size match, upload successful?
  • I wasn’t notified when/if uploads were retrieved, when schedule to be loaded or had failed

And while I’m at it, I’m with Hodardy in thinking it would be nice if EpicWeb were reconciled with Epicare. (but… sounds like it could be a pretty big job too).

(Mark Wonsil) #10

Also, kinda, sorta, yes, ServiceNow does have a REST API!/rest_api_doc?v=kingston&id=r_TableAPI-GET

Mark W.

(Simon Hall) #11

Hmm Support Cases straight from E10. :wink: