Proof of Delivery (signed packing slip) - has anyone seen a good solution?

(Sharon Freericks) #1

Hello E10 users,

I have been searching for an application that will allow our company to capture a customer’s signature on an electronic key-pad when they come to pick up product at our manufacturing plant - and then store that signature with the packing slip against the Sales Order in Epicor. Developers tell me this can be programmed and I can pay for custom development, but I’m surprised there is not a more canned solution available.

Does anyone know of any kind of a signature capture program that can be used with an on-premise installation of Epicore 10.1.5?

Thanks for any help you can provide

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Epicor has a solution built in but its for Profit 21 and Eclipse.

I haven’t seen anything else around for E10 that’s out of the box. We’ve done custom solutions for similar things (as have others) but noting out of the box as far as I’ve seen.

(Dora Chavarria) #3

As Jose stated this will need to be with a custom solution.

(John Mitchell) #4

You could definitely use Bezlio for this . You install a Gateway on your server and they can call the Epicor BO’s from their hosted service. You can see what they have already built in their Github repository.

(Mark Damen) #5

I’ve previously asked my Epicor CAM about whether they can port the existing POD solution from Eclipse to E10.

Perhaps @sfreeric we need to send somehow demonstrate that there are multiple customers looking for the same solution.

(Andy Wilson) #6

We had a custom solution in E9 for this, the collecting driver would sign on our PDA’s which would then become an attachment on the job, as we shipped from WIP.

it would be great if it was in standard tho

(Sharon Freericks) #7

Yes. I agree. In the mean time, I’ll check out Bezlio as suggested by John_Mitchell above. Thanks for your help!