Printing labels just like we print reports


(Sebastien Jean-Felix) #1

I would like to see Epicor rethink the Batender integration. It would be nice if printing a label with Bartender was as easy as printing with SSRS. It`s really weird that Epicor can create a XML for Crystal Report or print labels from SSRS without needing AutoPrint but, somehow Bartender printing is so limited and has all these conditions around it.

When a report style is defined as Bartender the Epicor should simply dump a text file in a folder where bartender or any other software for that matter can just pick the data file and handle the printing.

Designing labels in Bartender is more efficient. Also, handling labels inside a label printing software would make a lot more since. Especially considering scripting can be done in Bartender.

Thank you,


(Brandon Anderson) #2

I have approached this 2 ways,

1: preview as a CSV and program a personal macro in excel that dumps the CSV into the appropriate folder.
2: code the creation of the CSV in a customization and use a custom button.

But I agree, a report style that you can define where the drop happens would be very welcomed.