Positive Pay for Scotiabank (Canada)

(Mach Zreik) #1

Has anyone created a Positive Pay setup for Scotiabank?

I’m debating creating a BAQ Dashboard/BAQ Report vs. trying to modify the Generic Positive Pay cs file on the server.

Any help would be appreciated.


(Mark Wonsil) #2

Hi Mach,

Honestly, before using the C-Sharp program, we would run the Check Register to CSV and manipulated that to work. If the Scotia Bank format is as simple as ours, (check number, amount, name, maybe date) as a CSV then it might just be easier to do that. There’s only a small risk of deleting an extra character or comma somewhere.

Mark W.

(Mach Zreik) #3

Thanks Mark. Doing that now.

Question for you: Our Check Register report is in SSRS. The first line of our PP file needs to hold header information and the rest is the actual details of the cheque run. I’m trying to get the header to show specific information (account number, etc.), I’m trying to do that by changing the field labels, but Report Builder own’t take numbers as a label name.

Any ideas on how to get around this?

(Mark Wonsil) #4

I guess they have to choose, do you want to make it fully automatic or do you want to do a little work to save the modification?

To avoid the modification, I would have a spreadsheet with the header already in it and then have the user copy and paste the data records to it from the SSRS report that was saved in CSV format.

If they’re not willing to do that, then you may as well invest in fixing up the Positive Pay program.

Mark W.

(Mach Zreik) #5

Ah, that’s a great idea! Yeah, I’ll just tell them to do that.

Thanks again!

(Mazin Asmar) #6

We used the check register a submit the new report style as a CSV. Then download it / uploaded to the bank.

(Mach Zreik) #7

Yeah, that’s what I’m in the middle of doing now. Modifying the Check register and printing it to CSV. I looked at the spec file and I’m not sure if they’ll accept CSV, so fingers crossed.

(Mach Zreik) #8

Question for you guys.

I’m trying to put in some hard coded information into the file (constant characters, spaces, etc.)

But when I put those text fields into the report, SSRS ignores all my text and only prints out the fields from the tables

Check register report:

CSV export:

Any ideas on how to fix? or what I’m doing wrong?

(Chris Conn) #9

I’ve recently done some modifications to a positive pay CS file - worked like a champ, very straightforward (except for the location of the damn files… lol)

(Mazin Asmar) #10

If the report is SSRS, the data will be stored in the generated GUID tables. if you submit the report via the generate option, you can downloaded later from the Task Monitor> reports tab. However, if you use a BAQ report it will store the file on the server. You will need to search your server file system. It should be under your username folder.

(Mazin Asmar) #11

Check out the following video:

(Mazin Asmar) #12

The output file will be generated on your report server:


(Chris Conn) #13

Are you sure that Excel isnt doing that?

(Mazin Asmar) #14

Did you try to insert the text field into the SSRS data expression?

(Mach Zreik) #15

I think I’m gonna give up on the Check Register report (only because my SSRS skills are lacking immensley).

I’m going to work on creating a BAQ report and having it go to Crystal (since I’ve been using that for 10+ years). I’m much more comfortable with that report writer.

Either way, besides CheckHed, what other tables should I include in my BAQ report?

(Jose C Gomez) #16

If you already own the EI (Electronic Interface / EFT) you should use it. It works well.does what is intended to do and is built right into the process.

(Mach Zreik) #17

I’m pretty sure we do own it, my problem is that I don’t know how to modify CS files and I don’t know how to use Visual studio.

(Mark Wonsil) #18

Hey Mach,

Of all the CS programming, this is the easiest. You just need to know how to use the string.append command. You don’t really need Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code as it’s just a text file. However, I would recommend using VS Code, if for nothing else, it will do some syntax checking and code highlighting for you. If you can do Crystal Reports field definitions, then you got this - no problem.

Mark W.

(Mach Zreik) #19

Just checked, and we actually don’t own the EI module. I thought we did.

(Mach Zreik) #20

Since we don’t have the EI module, I’m back on the SSRS report.

Question: One of the fields I have to include in the PP file is the check amount. But the bank requires the amount to have two implied decimal places. I used the REPLACE(CheckAmt.Value,".","") to replace the decimals with nothing. But when I do this, Report Builder/Epicor adds an extra zero to the end. So what I’d like to do now is use some soft of LEFT() function or something to get everything but the last trailing zero.

Does that path make sense? or should I go about this a different way?