Pluralsight free weekend!

(Jeff Gehling) #1

Pluralsight is having a free weekend. All courses are free until eod the 10th. Now is your chance to take a course or two and try out the platform. I absolutely love it and the course structures are easy to digest.

Linq , .net , c# , rest are all courses applicable to Epicor!

(Haso Keric) #2

If you have MSDN Subscription you can grab 6 mo free.

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(Chris Conn) #3

Great info @jgehling! Thanks

(Brandon Anderson) #4

How does pluralsight compare to codecademy? I started the codecademy trial, and have liked it so far. Does anyone have any insight on how good the courses are as you get into more advanced concepts? For either?

(Jeff Gehling) #5

The courses in Pluralsight are structured very good, and the concepts go from beginner to expert in easy, bite sized chunks. Its not as interactive as Codecademy, but offers way more areas of study compared to Codecademy.