Pass parameter to BAQ Export Process


(DJ DeMoulin) #1

Is anyone aware of a method to pass a parameter to the BAQ Export process? Or alternatively, launch the BAQ Export process from within a BPM?

(Jose C Gomez) #2

You coudl export the BAQ yourself in a BAQ but not using the export process

(DJ DeMoulin) #3

Sorry I may be misunderstanding. I have a simple BAQ (3 display fields) which I need to export on demand to a csv file. From there it will be processed and sent to an external system. Trying to make as simple as possible for the end user to run on demand. If I could force the export BAQ process to run and allow them to input the one piece of parameter data (JobNumber) it would work well.

(Al) #4

easiest way in my opinion, to build a BPM on your system agent hooked to any scheduled task, once the task triggered, the hooked BPM triggered to invoke BAQ Export process method.

(Dmitry Kashulin) #5

We have have this feature implemented in E10 in the version that is going to be released next. BAQ export prompts user for query parameters before the task is sent to execution queue.

(DJ DeMoulin) #6

From what I read that will be a very well received feature upgrade.