PartTran Data Directive to Set Begin and After Qty Fields

(John Mitchell) #1

Does anyone have a Data Directive to set the Begin and After Qty’s in the PartTran table after an inventory transaction? Or, what was the intention behind the fields since they aren’t used for all inventory transactions? Thanks, John

(Chris Conn) #2

As I recall they do have a use. They show the current qty of that part before and after your transaction no?

edit Oh I see, it doesnt work with STK-STK.

(John Mitchell) #3

It also doesn’t seem to work with STK-CUS, STK-MTL, or STK-ADJ, which is why I was hoping that there was a way to record it.

(Ken Adams) #4

I used to have a doc that explained how those fields were used. They are used by various programs in the system, so manually manipulating them is not advisable.

I’ll see if I can dig up that doc and post it here for you.

Ken Adams