Part tracker not showing the demand required


(Jayaram Krishna) #1

we are experiencing discrepancy between two screens on demand requirements - time phase (part dtl) and the part tracker


(Dave Moon) #2

I believe part tracker Job Demand only shows firm job requirements

(Jenn Lisser) #3

If you expand the plant and warehouse in part tracker, are you seeing a warehouse from a different plant underneath it? We are seeing this in 10.1.600.11, but haven’t figured out how to recreate the problem.

(Arul Shankar) #4

Conversion program is available to fix the discrepancy (allocated, demand and onhand qty). Run with report mode and then update it.

(Jayaram Krishna) #5

what report ?

(Arul Shankar) #6

System Management -> Rebuild Processes -> Mfg / Distribution -> Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations