Page no longer reloads when clicking the logo

(Calvin Krusen) #21

Back to working again. THANKS!!!

(Jose C Gomez) #22

Hmm I haven’t deployed the fix yet, I do new builds on the weekend LoL
but… sure! Glad it works now LMAO

(Calvin Krusen) #23

Hmmm… maybe I was seeing things. Because it doesn’t appear to be doing it now.

(Rob Bucek) #24

i hope you find another way to get those few seconds back!!

(Jose C Gomez) #25

Fix deployed please verify it works

(Calvin Krusen) #26

:+1: works on my tablet. Will check desktop browser later.


(Brandon Anderson) #27

Works for me now too. Thanks!

(Heather Marie) #28

It works for me now too. Thank you for fixing this @josecgomez, I can’t believe how much I used that feature! When it stopped working I thought it was just something with my setup but glad to know it wasn’t just me and that it was fixable. Thanks again! :slight_smile: