Order Entry Price Lock

(William) #1

In order entry, in the lines, there is an Price Lock box. I fselected it will give you a popup of potential reasons why the price should be locked. I have been asked to delte a few. Is this standard for Epicor or was this a customization? If it is standard for Epicor, then how do I change the choices?

(Monty Wilson) #2

Dear William,

It appears you are looking at a customized screen; at least, on my 10.1.600 Order Entry screen only a check box is shown, and you can check it or uncheck it, and nothing drops-down or pops-up to give any reason for the price lock. However, in Field Help there is lots of information about how the feature is supposed to work, and whence the prices come that the system tries to use for each order line. Partial screen shot below.