Order Entry Customization

(William) #1

Before I started, my company had an customization put in on order entry that when you select Price Lock a pop up screen comes up and ask for reasons. The reasons are a drop down menu. I ahve been asked to change those out. However, I cannot find it. Any ideas where to look to see?

(Ken Nash) #2

Did you try this in developer mode? Might be another screen that pops up.

(William) #3

Yeah,I’ve checked, and am in it now. But I can not find the pop screen.

(Luke J Reynolds) #4

You could also check in Data Directives Maintenance on the OrderHed and OrderDtl tables. Or you can check and see if there’s a BPM in Method Directives Maintenance.

(Ken Nash) #5

Maybe it is in the customization on the OE screen then. On the Price lock event.

(Ken Nash) #6

To add on Luke’s post. It could be a BPM Data Form (<–solution). There is a BPM Data Form Designer that might be where you can make the change. This is under the System Management -> Business Process Management in E10

(William) #7

I checked all the BPM’s and while there are many for order Entry/Order tables, none of them have anything for price lock. Unfortunately.

(William) #8

In the customization, here is the only thing I can find in the code:

private void btnPriceLock_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs args)
// ** Place Event Handling Code Here **
string Locked = edvOrderDtl.dataView[edvOrderDtl.Row][“LockPrice”].ToString();
string Reason = edvOrderDtl.dataView[edvOrderDtl.Row][“PriceLockReason_c”].ToString();
string LockBy = edvOrderDtl.dataView[edvOrderDtl.Row][“PriceLockBy_c”].ToString();
string Notes = edvOrderDtl.dataView[edvOrderDtl.Row][“PriceLockNotes_c”].ToString();
string Order = edvOrderDtl.dataView[edvOrderDtl.Row][“OrderNum”].ToString();
string Line = edvOrderDtl.dataView[edvOrderDtl.Row][“OrderLine”].ToString();

// MessageBox.Show(Order + Environment.NewLine + Line + Environment.NewLine + Locked + Environment.NewLine + Reason + Environment.NewLine + Notes + Environment.NewLine + LockBy);

	if( Locked == "False" )
		MessageBox.Show("Price is not locked for Sales Order " + Order + ", Line " + Line);
MessageBox.Show("Reason Code: " + Reason + Environment.NewLine + "Comments: " + Notes + Environment.NewLine + "User ID: " + LockBy);


To me this doesn’t seem like a pop up. But then again, i am not ure where to look inside the customization for a pop up.

(Ken Nash) #9

The messagebox might be it. Change the text there to see.

What is the Enviornment.NewLine

(William) #10

Not following with the Message Box. As for Environment.NewLine, that i haveno idea. It is lsitd int he script section, but I don’t see a popup. Very frustrating.

(Jose C Gomez) #11

Can we get a scheenshot of the pop up that may help determine where it is. It could be a BPM Data Form.

(William) #12


I did check the BPM’s and didn’t see anything. But I may of missed it. If you feel it is a BPM, I’ll look again and screenshot everything if need be.

(Jose C Gomez) #13

YUP that’s a BPM Data Form.

This guy is where you’ll be able to modify it

(William) #14

I didn’t think of the BPM data form. Sigh. Thank you for helping me figure it out, and learn soemthing new.

(Ken Nash) #15

:frowning: I did mention that… lol

I just didn’t have the nice pictures.

(Jose C Gomez) #16

LoL I gave you the solution Ken you are right you did say that first! :slight_smile:

(Ken Nash) #17

all good

(William) #18

@knash I apologize.That is my fault. Sometimes, I just loose my head.