Open BAQ Report and pass multiple parameters


(Stuart Marshall) #1

I have created a button on Receive Transfer Order to link to a BAQ report which will be the label.
The button works fine and opens the report. The Pack ID is sent to the BAQ report and when the form opens, the Pack ID is populated on the BAQ Report Form.

I would also like to send the Pack Line. How do you send multiple parameters.

Sending Code attached to the button

dim lfo As LaunchFormOptions = New LaunchFormOptions()
lfo.ContextValue = vPackid.Value
ProcessCaller.LaunchCallbackForm(oTrans, “UDTORL”,lfo)

(vPackid is linked to the Guid of the packid from the form and appears to work fine)

Thanks in advance

(Tyler Smith) #2

You can create a list or array and pass that into lfo.ContextValue. Then you’ll be able to pull the array out in the BAQ form and pull out each value from it.