Odd Customer Number behavior on sales order


(Jeff Gehling) #1


I’m seeing some odd issues with a particular order. The OrderDtl & OrderRel tables are in play here.

All that is needed is 2 lines being shipped to the same customer. However, the release customer number on line 1 is different from the rest of the order. And when I look in the DB I see this…


The person who entered the order has no idea how this could have happened. We need both release destinations to have the ShipToCustNum be 994. This whole order is for customer 994.

Any insight on what could have caused this, and how to resolve?

(Lacey Graham) #2

If you change the Sold To Customer on a Sales Order and hit save, a box pops up and says “You have changed the following fields. Do you want to refresh the lines and releases with the changes?”
If you click NO, this could cause a mismatch.
Is it possible that could have happened?

(Jeff Gehling) #3

Yes, that is totally possible. I was able to replicate that issue when clicking no. However, I’m not sure that explains how the orderDtl numbers are different. The OrderDtl customer ID is copied from the header on creation. I cannot replicate that issue.