Not Never mind, DMT update problem


(Brandon Anderson) #1

I’m doing a DMT that we do all of the time, and it just sits there. My machine updated DMT I think today? Or maybe yesterday. This would be the first one I’ve tried since the update. My DMT is on the Bill of Operations, and all I am doing is updating the comments.

Is anyone else seeing problems?

Never mind, it’s more widespread than DMT, something else is wrong.

(Brandon Anderson) #2

So we are still having a problem with the server, BUT, DMT is having an issue. I called support and they hooked me up with the last version and it’s working fine.

They said that there was an update to try to remedy a problem with resource ID’s not being able to be updated, and that’s what the fix was attempting to remedy.

So unless you have that problem, I would think about waiting to update DMT if it’s doing what you need it to now until they get another version out. The one with the problems was for 10.2.200

E-mail stopped working, what to check for?
(Sebastien Jean-Felix) #3

Another option is to revert to an older version. I had the same thing happen when trying to update Bill of Materials.

(Brandon Anderson) #4

I guess I should have worded that different. I meant previous version.