No ChangeLog on ShipMisc table?

(Randy Stulce) #1

Our shipping guys are saying that Misc charges they’ve added to a packslip are “disappearing”. I tried to add a ChangeLog to the ShipMisc table like I have for other tables but there is no BPM option under In-Transaction

Is that by design? Is there another way to make it write to the change log?

(Mark Wonsil) #2

How are the Misc codes defined? They can be set to only to used on the first, last, or every shipment. If the guys are on the 2nd or third or a partial shipment, they may not be getting added.

Mark W.

(Andy Wilson) #3

we tend to utilise a UD Table for these things, for instance we had an issue with po lines disappearing, so we wrote a BPM to record who deletes them, and what was on them. we put the type in Key 1 for instance ‘PO Lines’ or ‘Misc Ship’ so we can show the results on a different tabs of a dashboard

(Randy Stulce) #4

Mark, great thought but we have it set to Every. However, that does make we wonder if they aren’t using the pull down to select the charge… :thinking: