New Inital Values After Save

(Zack Williams) #1

I’m trying to customize some handheld screens. What I’d like to do is save some values from the previous transaction and use those as the starting values for the next.

For instance when creating Mfg Receipts I would like the same job to continue to be loaded until the user manually changes it.

I’m able to store the Job number in global variable before the screen clears. The problem I’m having is loading that stored value after the clear.

Any ideas out there?

(Zack Williams) #2

I’ve tried this on a few different screens and keep running into the same problem. I trace the adapter methods until the last one fires. I apply the variables after the last method fire there is always an unidentified adapter clearing the screen immediately after.

I’ve tried tracing all available adapters but there seems to be an unidentified clear screen that fires each time. Anyone know what this is and how to populate a text box after it fires?

(Chris Conn) #3

If you want initial values after save, I am assuming you’d place your actions on GetNew() method in the relevant adapter