Need help using Today in an if formula in Epcior 9 BAQ


(Mona Story) #1

I want to return a result if a date is less than today. I keep getting a syntax error but I thought I had done this previously.

(Calvin Krusen) #2

maybe in here…

(Brandon ) #3

You could set criteria on the table you are wanting to filter the date on and use a baq constant to tell it get all records that are less than or equal to Today’s date instead of using a formula. Not sure if this is what you are after but just throwing this out there as another way to do it.


(Mona Story) #4

I need this for Epicor 9

If Today - QuoteHed.ExpectedClose > Today Then “NEEDS ATTENTION” Else " "

(Calvin Krusen) #5

I’ve not used E9. But from that link I posted it looks like you might want

If Today - QuoteHed.ExpectedClose > 0 Then “NEEDS ATTENTION” Else " "

Today - QuoteHed.ExpectedClose could only ever be > Today, if QuoteHed.ExpectedClose was negative

(Dmitry Kashulin) #6

Why not just check that ExpectedClose date is greater than today?
If QuoteHed.ExpectedClose > Today Then “NEEDS ATTENTION” Else " "